EMUK Services

EMUK services include:

  • TV and Film Equipment Partner and Supplier Open or Close

    We recognize that designers are continually looking for a fresh creative approach. They desire companies who can support their ever changing needs within the necessary budgetary constraints.

    Our long experience of working within this industry means we are able to quickly identify the best solutions and offer insight into alternative approaches which meet a wide range of budgets.

    With our range of LED’s, Projection equipment and Media Servers we are an ideal partner and supplier to the TV and Film industries.

  • Touring Production and Equipment Open or Close

    There are many elements which make a great tour. The visual impact of the stage to the audience is essential in creating that wow factor. With EMUK’s extensive range of LEDs and Projectors we have a number of innovative options to offer our clients. We can also provide video production equipment to satisfy most creative requirements.

  • Event Production Open or Close

    You could be organising a sporting event, an exhibition, a corporate bash or a national celebration. If so we, at EMUK have the experience to handle your needs.

    EMUK have a wide and long understanding of handling events of any size and budget. We are happy to help you whether it is a small corporate event or a large public ceremony. We have the product and people for you.

    We have the technology to suit any event requirement. Our product section illustrates the large range of LEDs, Projectors, Media Servers and other production equipment at your disposal.

    Coupled with this we have, on hand, experienced professionals who can guide you to the best solution for your event. Our staff pride themselves on identifying a client’s requirement and offering an innovative solution.

  • Festivals Open or Close

    The festival season provides us with a vibrant and varied number of events to showcase the range of video equipment we can offer including LED screens to match most resolution options and some of the most powerful projectors in the market place.

    We can handle any of your video requirements from conception to fruition. Our outdoor video equipment is able to operate in the most inclement of weathers; it has operated in severe winter storms as well as some of the more excessive ravages of the British summer.

Our products:

  • Automation systems and custom solutions Open or Close

    "A flexible and dynamic system, which allows us to offer customers the best technologies on the market"

    The company is the first to develop Kinesys automation systems for the management of graphical projection of three-dimensional objects in motion and we can offer any solution for any needs from small venue to complex and bigger event in any sector of the market : from corporate to fashion and from Concerts to TV studios.







  • Video Projections and accessories Open or Close

    "Our capability in projection has no limits"

    We can offer Christie and Barco projectors ranging from 5000 to 35000 ansi lumens and optics for every distance. Most of these are equipped with twist card and software for the adjustment on non-regular surfaces or blending. These technologies allow for stereoscopic projection (3D) and hemispheric projection (360°).



    Screens and frames

    Lenses & Accessories

  • Led Display Open or Close

    "The diode which changes the event"

    Barco, Tecnovision and Toshibaranging from 3 mm step up, indoor and outdoor, on occasion transparent which can also lead to curved screens. Noteworthy also mipix, cubes of about 4 cm per side, with 4 pixels each with which to make the forms more imaginative.


    Led Indoor

    Led Outdoor

  • Creative Led Open or Close

    "Leds of many shapes and dimensions, never realized before, which follow your reativity."

    EM offers you the possibility to customize your LED set up with our modular and creative LED display.



  • Robots Open or Close

    "Combine robotics and show entertainment it's the final result of a constant evolution of the stage technology. [..] A real automation merge the machines and software through communications networks."

    The company is the first to develop automation systems with Industrial Robots in television, business conventions, concerts, theaters and special events.


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