LED Screens

EMUK’s LED inventory is vast and extremely extensive. The inventory covers all resolutions from 3mm to 37mm pixel pitch, indoor, outdoor, semi transparent, curved, flexible and traditional solid screen options are available.

Indoor LED Screens

LED Screens provide a flexible and creative means of enhancing any display and are now common place in many environments including TV Studios, exhibitions, conferences and corporate events.

LED technology has developed significantly in recent years enabling us to provide high quality and uniform screen at a competitive cost.

We can provide the elements for a creative set with high image quality whatever the ambient lighting and space available.

Outdoor LED Screens

The demand for outdoor LED screens has grown significantly in the last decade. They are a familiar site at festivals and public events, and now tend to be used at any occasion where there is a large public gathering to enhance the visual experience, provide information or simply control the movement of crowds.

Improvements in technology has the seen the resolution quality of these screens improve dramatically to the extent that we can now offer high resolution screens built to withstand the worst of weather and lighting conditions.

Creative LED

Sometimes the creative ideas and imagination of designers goes beyond the scope of traditional screens.

EMUK have the products and an in house creative team to develop ideas from design concept to reality. We will be happy to explore and discuss your ideas with you.

Contact EMUK to discuss your LED screen requirements...